Dad Speaks Hoi-Liukˋ Hakka, Mom Speaks Si-Yen Hakka.

"The Songwriter Sings Hakka Song with Hoi-Liukˋ and Si-Yen Accent."
Title|Dad Speaks Hoi-Liukˋ Hakka, Mom Speaks Si-Yen Hakka.
Category|Recording Packaging

Design|Placebo Studio
Client|T.Rex Music


"Dad Speaks Hoi-Liukˋ Hakka[1], Mom Speaks Si-Yen Hakka." The name of music album is from the family background of Hakka Singer Wei-Roo Chen. The Singer grew up in the Hakka family; his father and mother speaks Hakka in different accents. Accents influence languages. Languages are written as scripts. However, scripts is difficult to tell different accents. I applied two typefaces, which is Heiti and Ming, to present the differences between two Hakka accents. Others, the logotype of the album is designed with combining the styles of typeface Heiti and Ming.

[1] About Hakka
Hakka /ˈhækə/ is one of the major groups of varieties of Chinese, spoken natively by the Hakka people throughout in southern China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and throughout the diaspora areas of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and in overseas Chinese around the world.

Logotype of "Dad Speaks Hoi-Liukˋ Hakka, Mom Speaks Si-Yen Hakka."